Thanks to the continued support and contributions from the Lake Mary community and alumni, the Ram Tower project is complete!
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What is Ram Tower?

Ram Tower at Lake Mary High School is a teaching tool, local landmark, and testament to all Marching Rams past, present, and future. The tower is dedicated to the "Superior" rated Marching Rams students and alumni, and was recently featured in Lake Mary Life Magazine.
The base of the tower's top landing stands at a height of 16 feet, providing arts, athletic staff, and student leadership an excellent vantage point from which to observe, analyze, and instruct participants in a variety of activities. Originally envisioned by the marching band as a safer alternative to rental scaffolding, students and instructors are constantly finding new ways to use this valuable teaching tool.
Situated on the practice field near the northeast corner of Lake Mary High School, Ram Tower is visible from Longwood-Lake Mary Road. This landmark is seen by thousands of parents, teachers, students, and community members who pass by the school every day.
Ram Tower is dedicated to the Marching Rams students and alumni, and stands as a testament to the spirit and hardworking attitude exuded by the thousands of students who grew up in—and continue to be a part of—the Lake Mary community.


Dedicated August 2016 to the "Superior" rated Marching Rams Students and Alumni

Special appreciation to Ram Tower donors:

"Band Director" Donors

  • Gagliardi Family - Anna (Class of 2017)
  • The Chatlos Foundation, Inc.
  • Starr Family - Richard J. Starr, Dasher Technologies – Taylor (Class of 2015)

"Maestro" Donors

  • Anne Hemmert

"Staff Member" Donors

  • Jeanine Geitner-Simon
  • Seidler Family - Randy (Drum Captain - Class of 2015)
  • Brian Singleton
  • Jason Millhouse (Drum Major -  Class of 1998)
  • Anne Hemmert

"Drum Major" Donors

  • Sigman Family - Ava (Drum Major - Class of 2014), Benjamin (Staff Captain - Class of 2016) & Ira (Drum Major - Class of 2016)
  • Jeanine Geitner-Simon
  • James Family - Kathy, Rick (Greenwood Lakes Band Director), Patricia (Drumline Class of 2001) & Teresa (Color Guard - class of 2002)
  • Donna Johnson
  • Sara Flatow (Drum Major - Class of 1984)
  • Orr Family - Joseph (Class of 2015)
  • Bethany Rowlings
  • Priscilla Alexander
  • Anderson Family - Lauren (Drum Major - Class of 2013) & Daniel (Drum Major - Class of 2013)
  • Hans, Jane, Jennifer & Melissa DeVaughn
  • Dan Ferri
  • David Gibson
  • Klonel Family - Brooke (Class of 2014), Rebecca (Class of 2012)
  • Rowe Manufacturing Precision Machine Shop
  • The DeVaughns – Hans, Jane, Jennifer Collins, Melissa Alford

"Band Captain" Donors

  • Debra & Bruce Hoffen
  • Melissa Dulski
  • Karina & Juliana Mills

"Field Commander" Donors

  • Justin Clark
  • Martha Klein
  • Cindy Parr
  • Chad Michael Eyer
  • Liesl Flandermeyer
  • Janie Paone
  • Kathi Wells
  • The Ward Family
  • Darlene Orr

"Brass Captain" Donors

  • Debbie DeLoach
  • John Marzullo
  • Karen Mendorf
  • Taylor Stratton
If your name appears incorrectly, or if you're not properly listed, please contact Mr. Mike Mitchell. We will work quickly to rectify any issues regarding this list, and we appreciate your help and patience in making it complete!


Special thanks and appreciation for support and services: